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Game Reviewed Wii Protect, by redstone02
Review Author Mariotroid
Created Nov 28 2023, 7:45 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Wii Protect is a fun, quirky minigame with plenty of charm. The music is inviting and the graphics are, as well. The game features a hand you control through mouse movement and a screen that must not break. The game asks you to do one thing: "Don't fasten your wrist strap.", comical and gets you in line to play the game and all the mayhem that will ensue.
Pros +Good intro, especially for a joke game. Rather humorous.
+Good graphics for a joke game. Though crude, the graphics are amusing.
+Good idea for gameplay, though could use variety.
Cons -Gameplay could use variety.
-Graphics are crude but colors could be less plain.
-Scoreboard could use some pre-defined levels to see where the player stands.
7 / 10
Wii Protect offers some good gameplay here. The object of the game is to protect a TV, in a humorous way, from a horde of Wii remotes. The mouse controlled hand that protects the screen is humorous and lively, and responds well to mouse control. Though not directly gameplay related, I loved the opening credits as they provide humor to set the tone of the game. The scoreboard is well done, just could use a title to see where you stand as a player. Titles such as "Advanced", "Intermediate", "Good", would be appreciated. The menu is definitely simple though appreciated. I would also suggest having a variety in gameplay such as fast movement or double hands or something of the sort. Finally, the gameplay is fast paced and that aspect alone is appreciated. Overall decent gameplay. nothing spectacular.
7 / 10
The graphics for this game are vivid and clunky, and that is appreciated within a joke game. I believe the game could benefit from pastel colors as the maroon background, yellow carpet and blue windows sort of contrast in a not very eye pleasing way. I understand this game is a joke game but a better color scheme would be appreciated. To note, the TV screen could feature a game that was popular on Wii instead of a game I could not decipher. The menu screen has a beautifully done sliding screen. Why wasn't the in-game screen as nice? I especially enjoyed the game over screen as well, good to see that included. Overall decent graphics.
7 / 10
The music in this game is borrowed from the Wii as far as I can tell. There is an opening scene with some music choice but overall there is little music to be found. Only 1 Wii game track that repeats. I would appreciate a opening credits music track as well. Later there is some good sound effects here. There is a block sound by your mouse, a hit the TV sound and a "Play game" and "Leaderboard" sound. However, there could be sounds for mouse moving towards Wii remote or Wii remote twisting sound. Overall decent sound.
Final Words
7 / 10
An enjoyable mini game with humor. Wii protect is worth a chuckle and a fun joke game. This game could use variety and updated sounds and graphics, but is overall an enjoyable time.

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