Mario's slightly Unusual Boss Rush (v2.0 Release)
By: OssieTheOstrich
Mario's slightly Unusual Boss Rush is a SMB3-inspired fangame where Mario goes around defeating bosses in levels based on franchises that are not his own.

This is the recently released v2.0 update (or the "Pre-Sequel" update) of the game, featuring a unlockable Plus Mode and playable Luigi after beating the main game with all Special Coins collected. (This update is a separate submission to make sure the v1.0 release is archived properly)


Mario is invited to Peach's Castle for a grand celebration of some sorts. When he has almost arrived, Kamek appears out of nowhere and zaps him far away. Now Mario has to make his way back while going through some unusual worlds with folks who seem to have a bone to pick with him.


Z: Run / Fire / Pickup / Select level
X: Jump / Float (as Bunny Mario/Luigi)
Enter: Pause / Select
Arrow Keys: Move / Move Menu Options

You can remap the controls in-game.
Credits are in the ending as well as being in a the README.txt file (it also includes Plus Mode instructions).

The download includes the 32-bit (86x) version. To get the 64-bit (64x) version, please use this link:

For those curious on the development history, I have a MFGG forum thread about it:
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Franchise: Mario

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