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Game Reviewed Super Paper Mario World 2 (demo), by epicgamerdudething
Review Author Fun With Despair
Created Oct 29 2018, 11:56 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
This is going to be a deviation from the typical review style, as this is not the typical sort of game. If I was to go off on this game based on the standard format, each category would be made up of approximately one sentence, that sentence being: "This game has no value as a work of art."

This is not a dig at creator epicgamerdudething's potential to contribute meaningful submissions to the site, but this game in particular shines maddeningly bright as an example of something trying so hard to emulate a shoddy game that they made their own game hideously unplayable as a result, with no charm, finesse, or subtlety.
Pros This game is explicitly a sequel to an also terrible fan sequel Paper Mario World, a game originally notable for being extremely low quality. Yet similar to how I described the previous Super Paper Mario World, this game lacks everything that can even remotely give Paper Mario World an amusing air to it.
Cons The classic "pros and cons" section is always a treat, but here, it cannot be used for any genuine purpose, as for a game to have pros and cons, it must be a game, and Super Paper Mario World 2 is not a game, it is a shambling frankenstein monster, stitched together from the worst parts sifted out of the dregs of this site's past low-rated games. To list pros and cons would be deceptive, because there's nothing in the form of substance to quantify into such a list.
0 / 10
Unlike Paper Mario World, or even Super Paper Mario World, the game controls as ungodly bad as humanly thought possible.

I was always a believer in the theory that bad controls were subjective, dependent on how well the controls fit the type of game in question. That something like QWOP in fact had GOOD controls, as they ultimately played into the purpose of the game. The reason I go off on this tangent, is to really drive in how awful this game feels to play. Every tiny movement feels weirdly delayed, but also too sudden, on top of generally being terribly inconsistent in regards to what attacks you even have available at the time, considering the CTRL button alternates at seemingly random between letting you shoot fire, and giving you a terrible spin.

This is of course, not mentioning at all the abysmal attempt at level design. There appears to be some kind of... level randomization going on here as well, as upon death, the level layout is almost completely different, and in some cases impossible to beat due to a switch being unreachable, leaving you to just keep dying until you can restart.
0 / 10
A traditional review would talk about the graphics here, but there's not much to dwell on, they're all just random clashing sprites stapled together, with a special note to the downright horrible looking SMRPG rips.

Instead, I'd like to specifically take this time to question how on earth this game can be so laggy while looking so completely miserable in the graphics department. I'm not joking here, the game looks awful, and has no sort of special effects or particles that should cause it to lag as hard as it is, which really makes me wonder what the deal here is. One game I played had a similar issue due to spawning too many snow particles, but this one doesn't have nearly the graphical style of that snow particle game, so truly, it is a mystery.
0 / 10
To be quite honest though, the inherent issue with this game really does go far beyond the graphics or even the gameplay itself. Rather, this game is what you get when you just try too hard to copy a past culture that really can't be captured in the modern era.

Paper Mario World was bad, yes. But it was bad because it was a legitimate failure to make a game. The guy behind it tried to make something, and it just so happened that it was bad, and it became sort of a funny thing to rib on because of it.

Everyone loves a "so bad it's good" game, after all.

But this is not a game like that. In an effort to actively TRY to be "so bad it's good", it instead is just outright repugnant to even attempt to play with any level of actual effort. Bad things are funny because of the surprise of it all, the shock of opening a game you thought was gonna be great, only to get hit with a real stinker.

This one though, it outright names itself after a real stinker, and does nothing but constantly try to make itself a more miserable and unplayable experience than even that initial bad game, and with those tries, it fails at being anything with even any substance.
0 / 10
Substance being the actual key here. Yes, technically this is indeed a game, but it's also a shadow of an already awful one. Comparing The Room to Sharknado, for example, you can see that the genuine qualities of the former make it much more entertaining than the artificial suck of the latter, and this game fundamentally misunderstands this.

By being nothing but a shameless attempt to make something hilariously awful, we instead get something genuinely awful, and that's a real shame, because while superadammario moved on from his initial failure, to see that people are dedicated to making even bigger failures on purpose is just depressing.

The person who made this game can do better, I'm sure of it. I'd love to be supportive, to give one of this guy's games a great score and praise him, but this is sad in so many ways.

I hope to see what epicgamerdudething can put together if he can break out of this spree of just copying a meme from over a decade ago, but I won't hold my breath at this point, because fangaming just never seems to change, does it?
Final Words
0 / 10
Stop making these.

epicgamerdudething Nov 17 2018, 12:49 AM
ok .
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