Review Information
Game Reviewed Maridows 64, by Ralorche
Review Author oofaz
Created Mar 29 2021, 6:25 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
The perfect game. Usually I'm not a big fan of simulators, but this is nice.
Pros - Cutting-edge graphics
- Innovative Gameplay
- Funny jokes
- Stereo Surround 9D audio
Cons - There are no flaws.
10 / 10
Perfect. Best gameplay I saw in years. May open a way to new games
10 / 10
Cutting-edge realistic graphics on crispy 8K 120fps.
10 / 10
The sound is perfect. A surround stero 9D: No game ever had this audio before. It's realistic, VERY realistic, maybe more realistic than real life.
Final Words
10 / 10
Masterpiece. No game like this existed since Ocarina of Time. Is this the best game of all time? Yes. 11/10.

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