SMW - Hedge Tileset By: SONOFRAPBEAR
Inspired by New Super Luigi U. Tileset and example usage included. The background isn't but it's just two vanilla SMW ones mashed together, so you can recreate it easy.
Type Info
Format Tilesets Backgrounds broken into a set of tiles.
Contents Edited Modification of existing sprites.

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[O] Created: Nov 21 2023, 10:22 PM
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Nov 22 2023, 6:42 PM
This looks really cute! Great job with the tileset, it's definitely going to be useful for fan game and SMW hacks for sure.
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Nov 22 2023, 10:21 PM
Hey this is so cool, great work
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Nov 25 2023, 6:28 PM
Excellent Work to replicate the hedges
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