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Game Reviewed Tree Top Token Game, by Ryan Silberman
Review Author JacobLeBeauREAL
Created Jun 26 2019, 1:48 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
So, if you don't know, I'm a rather big Pac-Man fan. I really enjoy the games...well, outside of the maze games. Pac-Man World 2 is my second favorite game of all time. So when I saw this, and found out it was a remake of an older flash game, I got pretty stoked. Is it good? Let's find out.
Pros -The game heavily reminds me of those "official" flash games, which was the's a remake after all.

-It has an android port, which is how I got to play it.

-Tree Top Token Game just has a lot of nostalgic charm, which is a really good thing.

-The music is finominal, ripped straight from World 2
Cons -It's way too simplistic for multiple playthroughs

-The game heavily reminds me of those "official" flash you can see, this is a blessing and a curse.

-Graphics are pretty meh.
5 / 10
The gameplay is very simple. You are Pac-Man, and he wants to listen to some tunes, but to do that, he needs a token. This means you need to gather pellets and avoid Pinky in order to achieve this.

To move, you use the left or right keys (or swipe on Android) to move, and up (or swiping) to jump. You must collect pellets before time runs out. It's not difficult, because outside of Pinky, you don't have many obstacles. It's fun for a one time deal, but that's really it.
4 / 10
This is the weakest part of the game. While the game isn't "ugly", you can tell it has that "2000s" flash game aestetic that those official flash games have. Graphics are mostly stock images (some are poorly cut out too) and the title screen animation looks off to me. Not bad, just meh.
9 / 10
In game, there's not many sounds, which is fine, but after you get the token, you can listen to a few World 2 songs, which are pleasent to hear, especially in 2019. Very good.
2 / 10
After you get the token and listen to the music, there's very little to see after you play it once, maybe outside of a "game over" screen, but that's minor.
Final Words
6 / 10
The game has a lot of nostalgia, but the lack of replay value kinda hurts the game. As a remake, it does it's job well, and that's what really matters. I applaud Jack for remaking the game from the ground up to preserve it.

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Jul 9 2019, 2:21 PM
So you rated it as a game AND by how well it was remade?

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