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Game Reviewed Paper Bowser World: Operation G.R.O.M., by toodles_team
Review Author steffire
Created Aug 18 2018, 9:50 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
If the player approaches this entry as wacky, comedic and fun then they will easily enjoy this game.

Don't play it for anything deep, serious or extensive since there's just enough content to carry the rather ironic jokes from beginning to the end... including the final boss reveal which is in itself a hilarious tribute to a sadly forgotten villain from Paper Mario 64.

Ultimately play this game once and be done or replay it to your hearts content to remember a story that Nintendo seems to have buried in the past.
Pros * Mildly to Moderately funny.
* Simple levels to navigate.
* Basic switch puzzles to solve.
* Linear from beginning to end.
* A good tribute to a classic story.
Cons * Jokes alone won't provide depth.
* Nothing strategically complex.
* Not much exploration.
* No bonus content to find.
* Could have gone deeper into Koopa Lore.
6 / 10
Levels are almost always from left to right so it's perfect for novice players or just a fun break from the more hardcore Mario Fan Games.
Puzzles are usually in the form of Switches that may include 3 to 4 block colors to fill and remove.
Occasional dialog moments help to break the loneliness of rampaging through bricks.
7 / 10
Paper Mario 64 feel. Appears to be custom sprites which is appreciated. Ultimately the graphics go together for the satisfyingly enjoyable comedy.
7 / 10
Paper Mario Gamecube sound packs. It's rare to see fan games use custom sounds and the reuse of classic effects is a nice echo of the past.
6 / 10
Even now as we are quickly running away from the design inspirations of the 20 century it's important that games like this be remembered and seen as an inspiration to any future game designers at least for it's cute adventure qualities.
Final Words
8 / 10
The numbers don't add up because this game deserves a higher score for it's adorable comedy which really should be a category of it's own to rate games of this kind.

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