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Game Reviewed Super Mario Bros: Ztar Turmoil, by Hello
Review Author Lewonx
Created Apr 27 2018, 9:16 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
My favorite Mario fangame.
Pros -Dark atmosphere
-Well desighned levels
-It's long
-Awesome music
-Awesome grafics
Cons -Some of the guns suck
-The reward for collecting all the e-coins doesn't really worth it
-If you enter the pipe while running, when you exit the pipe still holding the run button, you wont run, this screwed me up multiple times.
8 / 10
Very solid. I really like, how guns are incorporated into Mario.
10 / 10
Look absolutely amazing.
10 / 10
Amazing music and sounds that totally fit with the dark atmosphere.
9 / 10
Definetely worth replaying multiple times.
Final Words
9 / 10
Probably the best game on MFGG

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