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Game Reviewed Supra Smash Bross For the Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum, by Weegeesquare
Review Author RevampedSpider
Created Apr 15 2018, 8:54 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Now that April Fools is over, it's time for me to share my real thoughts on the game. Some people may think that this will be bad because it's a joke game, but it's aftually quite good.
Pros -Graphics are decent
-Gameplay is fun
-The Assist Trophues are creative and hilarious
Cons -Sometimes it seems like I am unable to win a game just because of the character I pick.
-No Training Mode to practice with items.
-Smash Ball is too hard to get
8 / 10
The gameplay is actually good and somewhat close to an actual Smash Bros. game. All of the characters have full movesets and Assist Trophies are included.
7 / 10
The characters look good and don't look terrible on purpose, something that too many joke games do.
5 / 10
The sounds are what you'd expect from any game really.
8 / 10
The game has unlockable content and challenges, so you'll definitley be playing it again.
Final Words
7 / 10
Supre Smesh Bras. is probably one of the best joke games on the site, but some things need to be fixed so that the game can be even better and/or the best joke game on MFGG.

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