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Game Reviewed Mallow Maze 2 - Switch It Up, by mtbottlepro
Review Author Yosho
Created Mar 19 2018, 5:07 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
You know Mallow from Super Mario RPG?
He got his own game now, Many people say it's bad and, i can see why.
Pros -New Gimmicks every level...?
Cons -Controls wont respond at times.
-The Puzzles are Super Simple(flips)
-That's not mallow.
-Bad graphics.
-Boring and unrelated Music.
-It gets veeeeeeeeeeery Boring super quick
-Somehow it is a sequel.
1 / 10
This Game's Rules are the Following:
1. Control Mallow.
2. Get the Star.
3. Rinse and Repeat.

Thats all. And as i said, It gets very Boring very fast.
The Controls don't respond correctly and feels very stiff.

Also, The game has no challenge since the game's puzzles are easy to Complete.

1 / 10
1. That isn't Mallow.
2. SMB Graphics are not very good.
3. Everything looks Horrible.
1 / 10
The Music is, Also, as i said:
Is boring and unrelated, Like C M O N !
It isn't Mario music, Or anything realted.
A N D I T L O O P S A L O T .
1 / 10
Why would you play this?
Why would you play this?!
W H Y ? ! ? !
Note: yeah, i know isn't the worst,
but dont play this game
Final Words
1 / 10
I know there's worse games than this one (I'm looking at you Super Mario Bros. Super Quest).
But we all have to agree that this game is not wroth playing.
I will never recover my lost time that i wasted playing game.

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