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Game Reviewed Super Mario Greetings, by Hello
Review Author Mors
Created Mar 17 2019, 2:33 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Another Hello game, another generic platformer... Oh? It's different this time? Cool, let's see if it's actually goo- oh it's not.
Pros + The concept is okay
+ Not the worst looking graphics
+ It has a map screen! Hey, that's something!
Cons - The level design doesn't feel very clever.
- The physics are still very inaccurate.
- It's just not very fun to play.
- The music selection isn't very good, and it's all in very low quality.
2 / 10
The main concept this time is to collect all 5 red coins in a level. The game is overall pretty short, with only 5 levels total, and it still uses the same engine as Hello's previous games. However, it seems like at least some improvements were made to the engine, like it feels far less glitchy compared to his previous games. The controls are still just as "off" as before, but just like before it's pretty easy to get used to.

Now that we got everything else got out of the way, let's talk about level design.

See, to get those red coins you will have to often hit P-Switches and switch blocks, or whatever you call them. My issue with this is that they are almost never used in a clever way. It's almost always like "hit this switch, go get the coin, backtrack, hit this other switch, repeat". And it's not fun, at all. The game is just 5 levels long yet it manages to get old before you even reach the second level.

So yeah, I'm not a fan I guess.
3 / 10
If you were sick of SMAS sprites, boy do I have a surprise for you! In this game, the enemies and the tiles are all custom, and they actually look pretty nice! I guess they could have a more interesting color palette, but I'm fine with them otherwise.

The backgrounds on the other hand... Yeah well, the first level's background is from... I think Super Princess Peach? And the other levels all have backgrounds from SMAS. Needless to say, they all clash pretty badly with all the other sprites, bringing down the game's overall look a ton. The Mario sprite that's used is also still from SMAS and yeah you know what I think about that sprite as well.

Still, not the worst looking game on MFGG, if it wasn't for the clashing I'd kinda like how it looked. It's a shame really.
1 / 10
Typical Mario sounds blah blah. That's expected.

But oh my GOD that music.

I guess to fit MFGG's old size constraints the music is heavily compressed, that's understandable. But the real problem here is the music selection itself. The chosen songs are really really unfitting. They might sound good on their own, but they don't sound good when they are in this game.
1 / 10
It's a pretty short game, and as I said it gets old before you even get to the second level.

Final Words
2 / 10
While the idea of collecting coins in a puzzle-like level isn't that bad, the execution leaves a lot to be desired.

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