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Game Reviewed Super Mario - Golbat Escape!, by LoraLynxPSI
Review Author Mariotroid
Created Mar 19 2024, 5:57 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Golbat Escape is an enjoyable time within a fun minigame. I enjoyed the graphics, humor, high score difficulty. Overall an enjoyable game that could be played no matter the skill level. The game would do well within a Mario Party type game, and is highly fun.
Pros + Good graphics
+ Good humor
+ Good gameplay
+ Good systems
Cons - Could use variety in gameplay
- Could use variety in graphics
- Would be good if more sounds
- Fine details missing
6 / 10
Golbat Escape is a good play of a game, for the most part. The physics are solid and there is friction and nice jump controls. Your high scores save, a nice added touch. Evading the descending Golbats is easy at first but builds up to a difficult game. Enjoyable gameplay. The highscore being shown and dependent makes the game fun. My complaint is in variety of gameplay and challenge. Overall decent gameplay.
5 / 10
The graphics of the Golbat Escape game are worth a look at. Sure, there is some clashing graphics. I love the look of Mario toasted out when hit and defeated. This added Mario sprite is welcome and humorous. The background castle setting is enjoyable to look at and compliments the Golbat sprites. Some of the game could use variety of sprites. Overall decent graphics.
5 / 10
There is music, opening music and there is jump sound and bomb sound. Though the sound effects are well placed, the game could use more sounds. The music is chill and relaxing in the first opening menu screen. This is a nice music track for the upcoming battle ahead. The in game music is a bit faster and intense, and works generally well. There could be sound for destroy Golbat, there is not. Ok sound.
Final Words
5 / 10
A good, quick time, through an enjoyable minigame can be had with Golbat Escape.

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