Review Information
Game Reviewed Dreamwalker, by Explosive Shroom
Review Author Roo
Created Mar 9 2024, 4:36 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
This name really should have been used for something cooler.
Pros + Neat idea
+ SMRPG music
Cons - Idea doesn't really work
3 / 10
The idea is theoretically neat, but practically chaotic (and not in a fun way). If you want any chance of success, you almost _have to_ click on the Lakitu to get ammo, but if you do, you can't really pay attention to Mario so you'll get hit by something and soon die anyway. Despite the "manual's" length, there isn't much depth to the gameplay and you probably aren't going to feel like trying again all that many times.
7 / 10
They're fine. Forgettable, generic, samey, but fine.
8 / 10
SMRPG midis? Yes, please.

The alarm clock sound is borderline harrowing, though.
Final Words
4 / 10
Neat in theory, but not in practice.

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