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Game Reviewed Li'l Pac-Man, by Ryan Silberman
Review Author Mariotroid
Created Feb 29 2024, 7:16 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
All in all, Li'l Pac-Man is a fun puzzle minigame with lots of cool effects. You can tell plenty of work was put in to make this game. I enjoy the game thoroughly. Simple game with lots of fun to be had.
Pros + Cool graphics
+ Good sounds that are well made
+ Gripping gameplay for a simple game
+ Faithful recreation
Cons - Lack of difficulty curve
- Lack of gameplay variety
6 / 10
Good attempt at gameplay for this minigame. Not a bad time for most play throughs. The bouncing ghosts are effectively well placed. The buttons on the gameboy are fun to digit. Though a lack of variety does hamper this game, there are only two buttons and very little strategy. Though the game is quite a faithful recreation of the past game, I would love to see more variety and more of a difficulty curve. The fact the game does not contain a difficulty curve is bothersome. The game is a fun play. Okay gameplay.
7 / 10
There are some good graphical elements here. The template for the games background is a nice added touch. The colors for the ghost and pac-man are bright and vibrant. The Gameboy backscreen looks well and is a nice effect. Though some of the graphics could use some work, especially could use particle effects. Also, there is a cool randomized opening effect and overall the game looks faithful as a recreation. Decent graphics.
6 / 10
The opening sounds are vibrant and well placed. The music for the games opening is very well done. The sounds during gameplay aren't empty and provides variance. I like the bounce down and jumping sounds. The music at the start is bumping. Overall. okay sound.
Final Words
6 / 10
Fun time with a good variety of sound and is overall a faithful recreation. Okay game for the most part.

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