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Game Reviewed Super Mario Bros. Friends, by matrix
Review Author Mariotroid
Created Feb 20 2024, 6:43 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Overall there are many excellent adventures and scenes to be discovered in Super Mario Bros. Friends. There are many secrets within most levels and good variety of obstacles and interactable. Graphics are exceptionally well placed and scenic. Most of the game is challenging yet very well paced. Play the game if you want challenge or difficulty with well designed puzzles.
Pros Good environmental graphics
Good scenery and detailed music
Well placed puzzles and environmental obstacles
Good challenge with most levels
Good environmental ambience with music
Cons Some unfairness with a few puzzles
There is difficulty with unwell placed enemies and obstacles
Some graphics could be more clean or better crafted in design
9 / 10
Overall for a game made with the Gatate engine and Mario Worlds delta the gameplay is very well developed in atmosphere and in depth, complex, level design. There are many adventures scattered around a good amount of levels. There are many interactable and obstacles to be overcome. I enjoyed my time fighting a plethora of enemies and overcoming these challenges. In the second level there is a few clouds to be platformed and a few mushrooms to be platformed to be overcome. I love the passageways within emerald evergreens 3, and especially the konpa shell challenge. The shell challenge involves a few keys and is very fun. In this level there is many blocks that drop down. These blocks are unfair at times and are very unfair at times. My only gripe with gameplay is some unfairness. All in all great gameplay.
8 / 10
There are many scenic and ambientes level graphics to be discovered throughout this game. There are very detailed leaves and background trees within emerald evergreens 1-3. I particularly liked the dark mood of graphics found in Evergreens 5. The castle levels are very exciting in design and mood. I saw many great environmental effects throughout this game within a variety of levels. These environmental effects include parallax scrolling and many cool graphic surfaces. These surfaces are often overlayed and bring mood and atmosphere. These surfaces include fire, dust, and spring and autumn like effects. Within the game there is good graphics.
8 / 10
Some of the atmospheric melodies within Mario Bros. Friends are very uplifting and well crafted. There are many themes to be found throughout emerald evergreens that are epic and remind me of the autumn season. The levels are meant to be autumn in theme and these levels' music tracks are truly enjoyable. Some other melodies of the practice levels are particularly well placed. I particularly enjoyed the theme for the rain level. There are always sounds and very few empty sounds within levels. Continue to play the game and you will find many beautiful tracks and many enjoyable sound effects. Overall good sound.
Final Words
8 / 10
Super Mario Bros. Friends is not your ordinary adventure. There are a lot of epic moments and genius gameplay to be found. I enjoyed the games heavy atmosphere. Overall the game is recommended if you want a cool time.

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Feb 23 2024, 12:50 PM
Thanks a lot!!
I'm so glad that you gave positive feedback. If you wanna play the latest version of this game, download the launcher version here(it is present on the same website):

Btw, I will be working on updates for this game, only in the launcher version.
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Feb 27 2024, 6:30 PM
This is a dope game. How long has the game been in development? Good work.
I'll try to play the other demo in time. At least I should. Keep up the good work.
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