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Game Reviewed Wario DESTROYS A Glass of Milk, by LangtonLion64
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Created Feb 9 2024, 5:43 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Wario's the big tank of quality compared to Mario and Luigi's games, this one's honestly my favorite out of the trilogy thus far! It's really well made in its entirety, even with the few hiccups here and there, but it's generally very high quality.
Pros -Wario has a good gameplay flow. While Mario's was just a bit of spamming and Luigi was a tiny bit laggy (but still concise), Wario is just a HEFTY Mega Man with melee attacks. You can even retrieve the abilities of the bosses you fight, just like in the Mega Man games!

-Generally the custom designs really blend in with the stages their characters are associated with. For example, Billie is themed around a goat, and Trucker (I think that was his name?) is based around the stage's truck and ice cream gimmick.

-The bosses are pretty well designed and fit Mega Man! You even can get some Mega Man references here and there.

-There's a new item storage mechanic that you can use to hold specific perks, like healing up, restoring your rage to the maximum, and even being able to kill every single enemy on screen (and deal a third off of a boss).
Cons -Sometimes, the message blocks block your vision as you can still move after hitting them. I'd probably make them a part of the new real-time corner message block things so they don't keep you blind, and the message system itself is reserved for character dialogue and cutscenes.

-I feel like some of the final levels could borrow gimmicks from your journey. It just would make sense to put your skills to the test like that and see what you've learned.
10 / 10
Wario controls REALLY well. To put it simply, he's just a melee Mega Man on steroids with hints of little ol' classic Wario in there. The rage mechanic is also nice.
9 / 10
Really charming sprites! It's got its own unique style to separate it from the bunch. However, my only main criticism with them is that sometimes Wario doesn't look exactly right to look at, but it's nothing major.
7 / 10
A good selection of sound and music choice here. Some songs don't fit their current environments, however, which does drop this a bit low.
Final Words
10 / 10
Want Wario drinking a glass of milk? No, he's not just not drinking a glass of milk, but he's DESTROYING glasses of milk with his well-designed gameplay and sprites to give you what truly is a ROTTEN day!

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