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Game Reviewed Mr. Pence: Origins, by MisteryGX
Review Author Roo
Created Feb 2 2024, 10:40 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Most franchises eventually have an "Origins", don't they? Makes me think; does Yoshi's Island count as "Super Mario Origins"?
Pros + Solid level design
+ Loadsa characters
+ Great spritework
Cons - Some levels have slightly annoying segments
- You can get softlocked fairly easily
9 / 10
MPO is a fairly standard platformer. There are a few gimmicks here and there, but for the most part, you jump on platforms and your enemies' heads. The different characters have different abilities, which adds a little replay value, but I doubt you'll be playing through the game with every character any time soon.

The level design is mostly pretty good. There are a few spots here and there which require really careful jumps (unless you're playing as a character who can just kind of skip them), and some gimmicks (like the insta-kill Pac-Men (though they ARE funny)) are a bit annoying, but I wouldn't say any level made me outright annoyed. The level where you go through the various fan games did almost bring a tear to me eye, though.

What DID make me annoyed, though, was the only real bug I found. If you talk to a character while having enough horizontal speed to slide past them, you end up softlocking the game because you have to be overlapping with a character in order to stop talking to them.

Other than that, it's more fun than a cuppa in the desert. Or something.
9 / 10
MisteryGX is one of the best spriters on MFGG, and it shows. Almost everything looks bloody beautiful, and the
8 / 10
There aren't necessarily any "bangers" on the soundtrack, but most tracks fit the levels they're in well and/or are funny.
Final Words
9 / 10
Don't let the game's "Scrapped" status fool you; this game feels more complete and has more content than a lot of finished fan games (and you get a free carton of room temperature milk to boot).

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