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Game Reviewed Mr. Pence: Origins, by MisteryGX
Review Author Clobbah
Created Jan 31 2024, 4:54 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
It's been a while since I've seen a MisteryGX game on the site, but the most recent ones have been pretty good and an improvement over some of the older games in my opinion. This collection of two games caught my eye when I saw them on the front page so I decided to try them out and I like them decently enough! I prefer Room Temp Milk over the Mr. Pence remake for a few reasons that I'll mention below, but I think both are worth a play.
Pros Mr. Pence 1:
- Great sprite work
- Pretty decent gameplay (for the most part)
- Different playable characters
- Funny
Room Temp Milk:
- Also funny
- Lodsamoney
- Being unfinished adds some charm to it
- Good controls
- Also funny
- Mr. Pence knifing people
Cons Mr. Pence 1:
- Some pretty egregious glitches (can't select Ravioli or jump as Darren in the second level)
- Cheap enemy placement kind of ruins it for me a little
Room Temp Milk:
- Left me wanting a bit more bit it's unfinished so I get it
7 / 10
The gameplay is pretty good across the board and doesn't use the default platformer movement by Clickteam (which is a very good thing). My only issues I had were with the oddly cheap placement of some enemies and hazards, which is a problem when jumping over pits since they'll often send you right to your death all because you didn't see them. There was also this weird glitch with Darren where he wouldn't be able to jump normally in Level 2 which was a pretty big pain in the booty. Other than that I liked how the characters played, and the special abilities made each character feel unique.
8 / 10
MisteryGX is a great spriter and it shows. Even some things that aren't their sprites (as far as I know) look pretty good such as the first and fourth levels in Room Temp Milk. Very good job!
8 / 10
Good job on getting funny sounds that aren't super loud. They make me laugh and I can't really think of anything else to put here.
Final Words
7 / 10
Mr. Pence: Origins is a pretty good joke game bogged down by a few egregious glitches and some cheap moments, but I'd still recommend it.

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