X-AXIS - Runner Game (UNDERTALE Yellow Unofficial Fangame) [v2.1.1]
By: Astrakitu
DISCLAIMER: This is an unofficial fangame based on another Undertale fangame, known as UNDERTALE Yellow, by Team UTY. This game contains some spoilers, if you do care about such. Play the original here: https://gamejolt.com/games/UndertaleYellow/136925

Play the browser version of X-AXIS on GameJolt: https://gamejolt.com/games/uty_xaxis/869147

DISCLAIMER FOR ANTIVIRUS SUSPICIONS: If your antivirus, especially Windows Defender detects this as a malware, it's a false positive. The game is safe to play, and has been compiled from a Scratch project as an HTML thanks to Turbowarp Packager.

X-AXIS is my first serious Scratch project, and is a fangame based on Undertale Yellow. It's a small endless runner game where you play as Axis, collecting Heart Coins while avoiding red spikes along the way! Switch lanes, dash through columns of spike rows and aim for a high score!

This game also contains a plethora of small features: jukebox with four tracks to play in-game, hard mode, playable Martlet, dashing, and even mobile support (if you somehow manage to load the offline HTML file on your favorite mobile browser. I highly recommend playing the game on GameJolt website to make this easier.)

High scores are not saved locally. HOWEVER they are saved on the Game Over and main menu screens, until you start a new game or switch difficulty.

The current version of this game is v2.1.1. Do report to me any bugs that you find via the comments section. Thanks for playing!

Controls: (can also be viewed in-game)
- Up/Down - Switch Lanes
- Left/Right - Slow down/speed up
- X - Dash

- Undertale by Toby Fox & Temmie Chang
- Undertale Yellow (and assets) by Team UTY
- Music from Undertale Yellow, by MyNewSoundtrack, MasterSwordRemix, NoteBlock and Figburn
- Score script adapted from code by OrangeLemon07: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/237775259/
- Program and other assets by Astrakitu (credited as EleCyon in-game)
Completion: Full Game Genre: Minigame
Franchise: OTHER

Update History
06/07/24  Browser build now available, this is a newly compiled version instead of the GameJolt build because I accidentally deleted it while cleaning up my downloads.

This means you can now play the game online on mobile too, have fun!
- Play in br
01/20/24  Updated preview screenshot due to the current one being outdated.
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Mar 21 2024, 8:22 AM
I will be updating this submission shortly to allow for a Play in Browser feature, which has been recently added to MFGG! Hope everyone can enjoy this game online while on the site, this also works in mobile too (I hope). For now, you can also play the online build on GameJolt!

Note that I had to recompile the online build again due to having accidentally deleted it while cleaning up my Downloads folder.
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