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Game Reviewed Mario Drinks A Glass of Milk, by LangtonLion64
Review Author sant1507
Created Apr 5 2019, 6:36 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Mario Drinks A Glass of Milk is a game disguised as an April-Fools joke. What I wouldn't expect is that behind a joke and possibly and sh*t-posting there's a game surprisingly good. With Mega-Man Series and Undertale inspirations, the game at first sight looks really bad, and I thought it was just another bad game I'd review. But playing a few times made me change my mind.
Pros +Great soundtrack;
+Nice references;
+Balanced difficulty;
+Okay controls;
+Okay graphics;
Cons -Level design definitively isn't the best;
-For some reason, graphics looked better at the full screen for me;
-Too short (understandable for a April Fools Joke).
8 / 10
The main gimmick is: the glass of milk has to stay above the cow. It takes a while to get used to the controls, but since you understood how's works, the game get's really easy. If you ever played Stardew Valley, it's like fishing. The story is pretty good for a short game, and if you played Undertale, Stardew Valley and MegaMan, you'll find SEVERAL references. 8.5/10
8 / 10
For some reason, for me graphics seemed better in full screen than in windowed screen. I think the details of the Mario sprite gives it a charm. Anyway, you'll find the same fridge (and text box) in 5 different levels, but in the last level Mario changes the sprite - it's so good as the old one. Also, the level design isn't the best, but I think that's not the purpose of the game. 7.6/10
9 / 10
A beautiful soundtrack, featuring MegaMan, Sonic Adventure, Undertale and more. (Undertale? Yes - songs like Megalovania are in this game.) I think the only problem is: the song that plays in milk gimmick is always the same, but for me it's not a problem, since 5 levels isn't enough to annoy you. 9/10
8 / 10
When I saw it was an April-Fool's game, it surprised me in terms of quality. I will play it again. 8/10

8.5 (GAMEPLAY) + 7.6 (GRAPHICS) + 9 (SOUND) + 8 (REPLAY). Final score: 8.2/10.
Final Words
8 / 10
Even if it's not my favorite game, I will definitively play it again. A game with nice jokes, story and soundtrack is a good game to remember. 8.2/10

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