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General Commentary and Game Overview
Alright, so nobody has done a review of this yet, and since Silva really wants some critique be done on the game, I decided to do it.

Super Mario UniMaker is a take on the very popular Wii U title, Super Mario Maker, and features a few things that the original Mario Maker didn't, like more themes, music, enemies, and more.

However, it also has a few flaws that both the original Mario games and Mario Maker didn't have, which I'll explain soon.

It should be noted that I downloaded the game from GameJolt, since it had music, and also that I've never played Mario Maker myself.
Pros -The graphics are good, though they do kinda clash with each other.
-Music is also pretty nice.
-The a bit more unique stuff is here that the original Mario Maker lacked.
-Controls are good and responsive.
Cons -A bunch of glitches are present in the game.
-Some things don't feel right, like the enemies.
-Some of the sounds effects are too high in volume.
-It's a bit difficult making a stage, and the manual isn't really full of enough info.
6 / 10
It's pretty much Mario Maker, but with no different games styles more unique stuff.

However, the level making is pretty difficult, as you can't unselect an object. The manual included is a joke, as it only shows how to cycle between objects and how to place powerups in blocks.

Speaking of placing Powerups in blocks, you can't place enemies in blocks, bullet blasters, or cannons, which is something the original Mario Maker did.
8 / 10
To be honest, the graphics are pretty good for the most part, however the sorta clash with one and other.
6 / 10
The music is pretty good, but the sound effects are a different story.

Most of the sounds are from the SNES Mario games, which isn't a bad thing, but some of the sounds are too loud and really irritating to listen.
5 / 10
For those who want to create levels, you might not have much replayability due to how difficult the level editor is.

For those who want to play levels created by other players, you might have a much more replayability since they are a lot of courses that are probably good.
Final Words
6 / 10
A pretty good Mario Maker clone with a few flaws that detract from the experience.
I really hope that UniMaker DX will be better.

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