Review Information
Game Reviewed Really Happy Mario Halloween Update, by Sparasemi456
Review Author Mariotroid
Created Mar 27 2024, 5:53 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Overall there is a lot to enjoy here. Good physics, collisions, with just a few bugs outright. I enjoyed my gameplay and I'm sure you will find much to enjoy here, with Really Happy Mario.
Pros +Good graphics
+Great special effects visuals
+Cool physics
+Good user experience
Cons -Lots of bugs encountered
-Could use variety in gameplay
7 / 10
Some of the controls of the game could use work. I did not appreciate using up button to jump. There is very good level design to note, lots of blocks overhanging and no area seemed empty. I did experience some bugs like when I collected a fire flower and everything stopped. I did enjoy the host of bad guys that showed up. All in all, the gameplay here is unique and enjoyable. Good gameplay.
8 / 10
The name of the game is definitely a play on words. This is not a cheery Mario game, but rather a haunted one. I enjoy the special effects to this game, especially everything turning dark. The game's graphics are overall very well done and haunting, to good effect. However, some of the graphics are hard to see because of the shading. Cool effects seem to happen throughout the game and these effects are appreciated. With all the special effects and good surface details, Really Happy Mario looks great. Great graphics.
7 / 10
The music for the game is mostly present and there is little empty sounds. Good jump sound, enemy hit, coin. The sounds are not too high pitched or loud, a common complaint in most fangames. The third level of the game is dark and spooky. There is a cool effect of eyes bleeding in the background, with an accompanying sound. The game is very intense at some moments with the music present. There is terror to be found in the dark moody environments and ambience created by music. Good sound.
Final Words
7 / 10
If you are looking for a haunting experience that is sort of a joke, please play this game.

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