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Game Reviewed Super Mario Continuance Chapter 2, by NatDuh
Review Author JennaMoon
Created Mar 27 2024, 12:07 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
10/10 !! A REALLY great time !!

The story is interesting, even for those who have never played Mario the Music Box before, the characters and whole flow just work really great.
The sprites and presentation are extremely charming and I cant get enough of it! The artstyle of the cutscenes really make me smile.
The gameplay is fast and fun, while also challenging when going for completion (Getting the best ranks REALLY had me stuggle ^^'). the partner system is interesting and I think can lead to many instances of replay ability to try out more that seem to be coming!

I recommend! It's fun for MTMB fans, and Mario fans! as well as those who like to collect and go fast, also the challenge! it's got it all really. Glad I chose to play it lol
Pros Almost everything I listed previously really, it's hard to hate when its so fun lol
Cons A little hard at points, but I wouldn't consider it too much of an issue.
10 / 10
Genuinely some of the most fun I've had with a game. Strikes a good balance of responsiveness and looseness to make sure you can get some crazy movement going. The speed is kinda crazy LOL
9 / 10
The sprites are extremely charming, I love them. It's cute yet it's easy to tell that it can be serious itself and from the source material.
8 / 10
The music selections are very good, they fit and work with the levels and other instances of their use.
Final Words
10 / 10
Overall, I think it's a game that should definetely be played by fans of so many genres.

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