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Game Reviewed Isekai Mario, by Hello
Review Author Rage_quitter_98
Created May 26 2021, 1:36 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Looks funky, I've seen lots of peeps write negative things only bout it
(Many without ANY useful criticism or advice and some just enjoying spamming 1/10 for the luls cuz "O HELLO GAEM IS BAD 1/10") Like please atleast make helpful comments ngl, even if the Game has its flaws, saying its 1/10 is stupid,
I thought MFGG is better than this. seems not. Really disappointed in the Community, It definitely was better a few years ago.)

So rant aside, here's my Review of the Game, Note that I'll try to keep it short and will prolly just make bulletpoint lists mostly explaining my opinons while playing because prolly no one will read everything anyway.

For this Review all I did is play the first Map of the Main Story of the Isekai Mario Game and collect a few Stars, I have not tried the other modes etc. just as a small warning.

Please also note I will mostly just write down bad points, PLEASE don't make this think your entire Game is automatically bad, I just enjoy writing thorough Reviews where I write down literally anything I can see while playing a bit.
Pros Please read the "Final Impressions and Scoring" Section, as I wanted to cut up my Review into the three parts, instead of writing a long text here.
Cons Please read the "Final Impressions and Scoring" Section, as I wanted to cut up my Review into the three parts, instead of writing a long text here.
5 / 10
Positive Points:
> Movement is pretty aight for a 3D Game, definitely needs a bit of work but still very well done so far.
> The Idea itself is pretty cool, I've definitely seen weirder ideas here on MFGG so idk what the Drama is all about
> Bonus points for enemies being able to push moveable blocks

Negative Points:
> UI in Menu/Settings show Controller Input, even though no Controller is plugged in, Displaying the Keyboard Keys would be better here for accessibility
> No Volume settings for Sounds, only for Music
> Collision Box on the Planks near the Starting Area seems to be too detailed, causing camera shake when walking over it, simplyfing the Hitbox to be a simple box should help (I've noticed this issue also in other parts of the first level)
> The Starting area is a bit empty/boring, the Scene is basicially 25% water, 25% Castle, 25% rest, adding more decorations here would greatily help (Ignore this point if the Area is not really meant to be finished yet.)
> Its hard to control whether you want to longjump or do a backflip, I'd suggest adding a extra button for ducking, and making the backflip require the ducking button, instead of having two mechanics use the same input
> Camera moves too fast (and too much), causing slight headaches when playing, I'd suggest making the camera "more lazy", (IE when jumping under a block, make the camera NOT constantly move up and down) adding some slight delay onto the camera should greatly help with the weird feeling of the camera.

Small Tips (Nitpicking opinions more or less as a Game Dev):
> Instead of the Space Key for the menu action button I would have used the Enter Key rather tbh (or just allow mouse usage)
> Instead of needing Space to adjust the music volume the Volume should adjust automatically when changing the value for better feedback
> The Timestamp displayed in the Main Menu uses the OS's langauge. While this is a cool idea for globalisation it looks really weird when the rest of the UI is in English
> Instead of "P" for Pause I'd suggest using the "ESC" Key ingame, as just literally everyone probably is used to rather using "ESC" when playing Games, instead of P (ofc this is again just my own opinion)

> Defintiely add a ledge grab function, generally I'd say just stealing the homework from SM64 and other 3D Mario games in terms of how the camera/gameplay works would greatily benefit this Game
> Add the Settings Menu into the Pause Menu, being able to adjust volume etc. Ingame would be really helpful
5 / 10
Positive Points:
> Graphics Colorful and happy and definitely fit well into a Mario game, Quite nice
> It's 3D, a big step for sure and I can defintiely see the amount of effort that went into this project
> The Toon shader is a good idea

Negative Points:
> Not enough particles, the only time ive seen particles being used was when stomping a Goomba while collecting Coins etc. dont give off any particles
> Brick animation is cool but the bricks disappear too fast, often they dont even reach the Ground, adjusting despawn time should fix it (also making the Bricks rigidbodies would prolly also look really cool here.)
> Running animation should be adjusted, as of right the Animation looks too fast when running (Leg Rig movement)

Small Tips (Nitpicking opinions more or less as a Game Dev):
> Text gets a bit too close to the border in Textboxes when there are more than 4 lines causing bad visual spacing
> Skybox quality could be increased, also the color depth should be increased as there is some slight color banding present
> When jumping and Landing the Animation looks weird when moving because legs stay still even when moving after landing, I'd suggest just cancelling the animation and directly switching to the walking animation if movement input is present.
> Outline shader has a higher depth than the water shader, causing outlines to be visible even when under water which looks weird
> The Controller Key/Input Icons have no proper Anti-aliasing on the Borders, causing really sharp edges on 1080p
> Grass Texture is too detailed, I'd suggest simplifying it, especially since the other graphics often have barely any texture making it stand out
6 / 10
Music is pretty good, not too loud and not too quiet, Music also fits well into a Mario Fangame, nothing bad to be noted here.
Sound are also okay so there isn't anything sound wise I could complain about

> Some Footstep sounds and general movement sounds would greatily help make the Game feel more alive, such as Dust when running or particles when landing from a high point
> Moving crates also gives no sound, some "nnnrgh" and moving sounds would also help here.
> Stomping sounds for Goombas also would be another nice idea.
Final Words
5 / 10
Isekai Mario is a very nice entry for the 3D-Scene of MFGG and I defintiely don't understand the drama about the game, when most people probably wouldn't even be able to make any sort of 3D Game, The jump from 2D to 3D is defintiely hard and I just think Hello just isn't that skilled with 3D yet, since ofc this will take quite a bit of time obviously.

The Game is pretty fun and if Improved can definitely be a good piece of Art if Hello is willing to put the effort into his Project.

All in All I actually enjoyed playing the Game but before I'd suggest it to others I'd suggest making the Gameplay more fun, because as of right now it feels really "Beta"-like.

PS: For (way more) details please read the "Final Impressions and Scoring" Section aswell!

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