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Game Reviewed Kamek's Midnight Flight, by Swoof
Review Author Mariotroid
Created May 18 2021, 5:44 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
I'm a bit tired as I review this. However, I see great appeal from this game. The graphics are especially nice. The gameplay is a bit limited and constrained, but this was a minigame entry. I like the responsiveness of the controls, and the nice effects and usability of the abilities. There is some nice artwork as well as music to be found.
Pros + Great artwork
+ Great sound
+ Good gameplay
+ Great spritework
+ Cool opening and titlescreen
Cons - Limited gameplay
- Limited variation in gameplay
- Short game
- Music gets repetitive
8 / 10
There is some great gameplay to be found here. The movement is good and responsive. The abilities, or special items, are fun to use and have some variation. Battling enemies is fun. Some have more health and I wish there was a way to know that, might add some strategy to the game. The basic abilities are fun to use and there is a good reason to use one vs the other. While there is not much variety in gameplay, the game is short enough to allow you to master these abilities along with it's well done difficulty curve. If anything, could use some variation or more of a strategic flair to the game if this was going to be a full length adventure.

Good gameplay.
9 / 10
The graphics of this game are rather appealing. There is somewhat of a lack of variety in graphics but it looks nice and is presented well. There is a flawlessness to the aesthetic but I do think it could use more variety as I found myself focusing on the entire screen, rather than Kamek. I would suggest making Kamek stand out more. The backgrounds are really nicely done and flow together well throughout the levels. Each level looks unique and you know exactly what level you are on. There is some variety in that regard, as well as the unique sprites for all the various enemies.

Great graphics
8 / 10
The sound is great here and music is alright. The sounds seem fleshed out and there is variety. No ability or action lacks a sound. I do think there should be more sound in general, but it's good for what it is. There could be sounds for each enemy that is destroyed. There could also be a variety of sounds for Kamek's abilities, rather than just one. The music gets awfully repetitive and annoying but that is only at the end of the level. By the time things get jarring, the level is over. Not much to complain about. I like the sounds and music chosen.

Good sound and music.
Final Words
8 / 10
Though this game deserves an 8.5/10, I can't award that. This game has a cool control and good graphics and sound. I wish there was maybe more variety in all aspects, but this is a great game. Good work. Keep at it!

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