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Game Reviewed Super Mario Bros: Adventure Journey, by Hello
Review Author Mors
Created Mar 17 2019, 4:03 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Adventure... Journey? Well, that's a name for sure.
Pros + The level design is not bad, for most of the time.
Cons - It's very generic, as expected from Hello.
- Mario controls like butter.
- The music selection isn't very good.
3 / 10
With this game Hello switched to a different engine, and it's kind of obvious when you play it. Mario's controls are now much more accurate, and he can also do stuff like holding objects or running on the walls. But this comes with a cost, now Mario's controls feel very slippery and he's just not very fun to control. There are also some new bugs that weren't present in Hello's previous games, but just like before, none of them are anything game-breaking. There's also no sliding in this game despite all the levels heavily featuring slopes.

The level design is... well...

See, just like Hello's previous games, the levels don't really feature any unique gimmicks or anything that can make them feel special on their own. They all end up being very forgettable. The game itself also lacks any central gimmick that can make it stand out. It doesn't even have any bosses, or even an ending screen. It just feels like a collection of several very generic levels, linked together via a very boring map screen. Hello's previous game had this collecting red coins thing going on, that's also gone here. There's just... nothing. Just levels.

And even in those levels, there are some parts that feel kind of unfair. Like for an example, in one of the levels there's a wall running section, but there's a Goomba on the top of the wall and you don't really have much time to react to it.
3 / 10
The tiles and the blocks are customs, while the backgrounds and the enemies are ripped from the official games, as well as Mario himself. The customs themselves are decent, but they aren't really anything amazing. The Shy Guy sprites are also custom made, but unfortunately they stand out in a really bad way.

It's not that bad, but it's also not particularly good looking.
1 / 10
Typical Mario sounds blah blah. That's expected.

But oh my GOD that music.

I guess to fit MFGG's old size constraints the music is heavily compressed, that's understandable. But the real problem here is the music selection itself. The chosen songs are really really unfitting. They might sound good on their own, but they don't sound good when they are in this game.

And yes I copied this section from my review of Hello's previous game because everything I said there also apply here.
2 / 10
There are thousands of games on MFGG, why would you replay this when you can find much better games to play?
Final Words
3 / 10
Another generic Mario platformer with slippery controls, mediocre level design, and terrible music.

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