Bob-Omb Mario
By: NesDraug [W]

Mario has acquired the power of the Bob-omb and can now break bricks by throwing bombs at them! Also, jumping on enemies will result in super jumps that will launch Mario into the sky.

Can you help Mario find his way through the 22 puzzling levels and save Mushroom Kingdom from Bowser?


1-1 Bob-Omb Bricks

1-2 Grass Hill Falls

1-3 Underworld Maze

2-1 Mushroom Seaside

2-2 Turquoise Bay

2-3 Lost Brick Fort

3-1 Autumn Falls

3-2 Bricky Sewer

3-3 Turquoise Waters

4-1 Koopa Forest

4-2 Koopa Forest II

4-3 Watercastle

5-1 Barrier Base

5-2 Above Barrier Base

5-3 Barrier Base Fort

6-1 Spoopy Wings

6-2 Spoopy Hills

6-3 Spoopy Castle

7-1 Spoopy Castle II

8-1 Bob-Omb Battlefield

8-2 Brickcastle Challenge

8-3 Bowser’s Castle

Patching Information: Patch Super Mario Bros. (W) [!]


Leveldesign, Music and main dev: NesDraug

Break Brick β Fireballs can destory brick blocks: Masa&Yuu

Animation patch: Masa&Yuu

Can beat block underwater: Masa&Yuu

Swim mushroom: MHS

FireM becomes SuperM when injured: w7n

Special Thanks to: StudsX for the music hacking tutorial and help with ASM.
Completion: Full Game Hack Type: Full Conversion
Base ROM: Super Mario Bros 1 (NES) Region: North America (NTSC)

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