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Game Reviewed Super Mario Bros. Remake, by Younes_Smt
Review Author ShadowReduce
Created Oct 7 2023, 2:15 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
As for the game, I have a lot of questions. Why are there so many fireballs that can be shot? As for me, this kills the entire complexity of the game, maybe you will think that I am talking nonsense, but thanks to such restrictions, the game does not seem so easy for the player and makes you *throw* fireballs at random. The physics in the game are pleasant, but when jumping, as for me, it picks up speed too much and it’s quite difficult to control the speed in the log (although this is a matter of time) bugs, you can’t keep silent about this, when I shot a hail of fireballs, I noticed that some of the fireballs were stuck in *solidblocks* or they simply jumped on the spot, dropping the speed to 0. Bowser’s fire simply got stuck in the wall and platform, in the menu when I selected full screen mode I couldn't turn it off. even when I moved to level 1-2, for some reason I started it with fireflower, in general the game is still damp.
Pros -Game tries to replicate the original game physics.
-Graphically repeats the original part of the 8-bit game.
-Good optimization
Cons -Many bugs in game
-Too short game(only 1 world, you can pass this game for less 5 minutes)
5 / 10
The gameplay is the same as in most fan games, unremarkable and not terrible in itself, nothing more to add about him.
7 / 10
the graphics do not stand out, they are the same as in the 8-bit parts of the games, there are shadows, which in my opinion is not very suitable for the style of game. The hudbar is made a little crookedly, not very presentable.
6 / 10
the sounds are also unremarkable, in 8-bit style taken from the original part of the game in the Mario series, although this has already become boring, again there is nothing more to add
Final Words
6 / 10
the game has potential, although the bugs of the game leave a not very pleasant mark after completion, in any case, if a lot of work is done on the project, then perhaps I will change my opinion about this project. The project is not terrible but not great either, mediocre which will be forgotten after a while

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