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Game Reviewed Super Mario Open, by NickDoesStuff
Review Author Diamond-Lock Productions
Created Sep 27 2023, 1:09 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Honestly I very much like what this project is going for with the usual 3D Mario Collecting type gameplay but in a 2D setting. Projects like this and "Mario Odyssey: Seashine island" are ones that I would really like to see more of honestly. Playing this there are quite a few references to Mario 64 in quite a few different ways (gameplay) and I also like how you added an original boss in the form of King Foo (even if it is a variation of an existing enemy). While this demo doesn't have too much content it's still quite enjoyable in my opinion. I would also recommend to the creator of this project that, for aesthetics and design of the stages and certain world map areas, trying being creative and shake things up a little with how certain areas look.
Pros -The Overworld map looks very neat
-The level design is alright
-An original Boss in the form of King Foo
Cons -The projectiles that King Foo shoots blend in too much with the background
-Bob-ombs don't become lit when hit by fireballs for some reason
-It automatically sends you out of the level once you get a green star
6 / 10
The gameplay is alright in my opinion, but there are a few things that, in my opinion, could be improved. Try making the level designs a bit more creative, like maybe a tower-like stage, a mansion or area of some sort with multiple rooms etc. As mention earlier, it automatically sends you out of the level once you get a green star, so make it that when you get most green stars it gives you the option on whether you want to leave the level or not (except in case like the one you get from defeating King Foo since you can't leave the arena with out it). Another thing I would like to add is try looking at the fangame "Mario Odyssey: Seashine Island" if you want some more inspiration for things like movement or level design.
6 / 10
The Sprites are good for the most part in my opinion, however they are not perfect. Certain frames for Mario switch between having gloves and not having gloves. As mentioned before the projectiles from King Foo blend in to the background. King Foo's sprite looks a bit strange (I don't really know how to explain why though) and may need a bit of touching up to make it look slightly less awkward. King Foo's design also, aside from the blue lips, doesn't really look very different from the regular Ty-Foos. Try giving king Foo a few very slight tweaks to his design to make him stand out a bit more. Aside from those issues, I didn't mind the graphics.
7 / 10
The sound design is alright in my opinion, although the specific sound-font for me is not my cup of tea (albeit that one is mostly a personnel and not an objective critique). Sound design isn't really my forte, so I can't really give much critique in this area.
Final Words
7 / 10
A flawed but very enjoyable demo, with a very large amount of potential.

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