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Game Reviewed Nintendo vs. Everyone Else, by Zorak
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Created Oct 2 2019, 2:20 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
One thing I like about MFGG is some of these quirky crossovers, ones that you wouldn't expect Nintendo to even think of. Tell me, have you ever seen Nintendo put Yoshi into a Windows computer to teach Bill Gates a lesson or two, or have Mario meet a bunch of the residents of this very fangames galaxy (of the early 2000s, that is)? I'm sure Nintendo never had their own characters engage in a battle against pretty much everyone else in the video game industry--what's that? You said that Nintendo made a few fighting games where that can happen? Hm... does it have Space Ghost and Zorak involved?

It may sound like I'm trying to come up with a joke, but... Pressstart (formerly named after the Space Ghost villain himself) has made a game that just happens to fit the bill here! That's right, we'll be looking into the wacky adventure in Nintendo vs. Everyone Else right now!
Pros +Amusing idea and nice gags
+Good variety of characters, levels, and music
+Great easter egg!
Cons -Some levels are way too easy
-Clashing graphics are EVERYWHERE!!!
-Small Mario isn't functional once you get to the puzzle level
-Death = Starting all the way BACK TO THE BEGINNING!
-I'm not kidding with that last one! Seriously!
4 / 10
The title explains the premise very well: You play as a Nintendo character, who goes against those that were popular to gamers (though, Sonic is strangely absent here, but that's probably because he's already defeated), to rescue other Nintendo characters from prison. Unlike other fangames at the time, you get to choose from 10 (yes, 10!) characters, each of which have unique speeds and jump heights! They also have their own attack method that fits into one of three groups: Jumpers, hitters, and shooters. Aside from typical Clickteam glitches, I found out that Small Mario (there's also another Mario, but don't ask me how that came to be) wouldn't move in the second level--not even an inch!

Each level is made up of 2 sections, and they cover a different game genre, some of which are rarely seen in even fangames today! Like, there's a puzzle minigame that involves smashing blocks with blocks of the right color and one time where Marth fights against Sailor Moon in an RPG battle system that, although simple and perhaps too reliant on randomness, works surprisingly well. This game feels more like a minigame compilation, as each level is very straightforward and usually easy, in some cases laughably so. (In the racing level, for example, it's literally just right, left, Enter, hold right, and that's it!) You might have a few struggles, although it's usually for the wrong reasons (good luck with the quiz if you don't play Zelda games like me!), but the game should be like a fun breeze...

If Pressstart wasn't evil enough to force yourself to go back to start if you died! Now now, the game's still fun, it's just that this very decision does nothing but artificially add to the difficulty! I'm sure that the author greatly admired Zorak's evil antics (though, I haven't watched Space Ghost yet...), but wouldn't starting at the first section of the level you're in be enough? Even passwords would've been nice! After 2 or 3 deaths, I'm like "Forget it, I'm gonna do something else for now!"
1 / 10
Wow... just... wow... and I don't mean that in a good way! While there's a certain charm here, there's so much clashing and stretching that it makes fruitcake seem healthy! I do understand that in a crossover game, your only other option for graphics is to spend the time to make your own (and there are original graphics, although it's just poorly-made MSPaint stuff), but there are ways to minimize the clashing. Like, why does there have to be an NES SMB2 Mario, SMAS SMB2 Peach, and NES SMB1 small Mario, when they can all be taken from, say, one version of SMB2? There's also some odd choices, like how Yoshi is on skis for reasons that we may never know at this point. Some "backgrounds" are very brightly colored, which can potentially be an eyesore if you're playing as a brightly colored character with no outline, like Samus. Ouch. X(
6 / 10
This game is like a jukebox! There's lots of MIDIs, and none of them are used more than once in the game, with the exception of Fox's instruction screens. Most songs are well-picked and sound good, though. I like how the Bubble Bobble dino's theme gets to be the Bubble Man stage song; that is just brilliant! There isn't much sound effects, but that's probably for the better when it comes to old games made with Clickteam stuff, as modern Windows systems would otherwise be having Sound Sickness right now. What's in there isn't really special anyway, save for some horribly distorted and loud voice recordings... and that EPIC sound when you score a point in the final minigame! (Okay, where is THAT from!? I'd love to have it!)

So, is that it? It looks like the replay section is no longer a thing in MFGG, so...
Final Words
5 / 10
It's not Smash Bros., but it can keep you entertained for 10 minutes or so.

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