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Game Reviewed Mario's Big Adventure, by Marigi
Review Author Q-Nova
Created Jul 30 2019, 1:11 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Every once in a while, I like to look at one of the old MFGG games and review it. I start with the games at the very last page, and then go on from there--hey, WHAT THE!? Who rearranged the order of the games!? Okay, it seems that someone wanted to make the order more accurate (only by a marginal degree, though). The old order gives me nostalgia, considering how often I would browse the old fangames, but I guess I can live with the new one. I'm not mad, I was just surprised, that's all.

So, with this new order in, let's not drag on for any longer and take a look at Mario's Big Adventure, now the "oldest" game that hasn't been reviewed by me! (Well, aside from the Toad Strikes Back demo, but I find it redundant to review that when I already reviewed the full game!)
Pros +Cute title screen!
+That SMW overworld remix is SICK!
+It's playable...
Cons -...but there's still a lot of glitches
-Very basic level design
-Sound effects aren't special
-Not really big, nor is it adventurous
4 / 10
When I think of the title "Mario's Big Adventure", I think of something like SMB3 or Sunshine. What I've actually gotten, however, is not much beyond yet another basic TGF platformer that has Mario dropped into it. Fire Flowers? Koopa shell kicking!? SECRET AREAS!? Nope! Nu-uh! Instead, you get the glitchy default platformer movement, with the oh-so-common "move-back-and-forth" enemies. All of that in this one GRAND OL' level filled with repetition and linearity! Whoopee!

Stomping on enemies is awkward and even has glitches too. Like, you can duck in midair to resist gravity, and with great timing, you could even do a double jump! At least there's one enemy that isn't as basic as the other enemies, that being the bulky green Koopa Troopa seen following gravity's basic rules as he tumbles down the block staircase at the beginning, but it's not enough to save Mario's Big Adventure from feeling more like "Mario's Trite Trek"!
6 / 10
Aw, I love that title screen! It really has that cute charm found in your typical MSPaint drawing! Now, the in-game graphics? It's just the SMAS SMB3/SMA4 graphics, with some... NES SMB3 graphics!? I'm not joking! There's sprites that are literally from the original NES game! I'm not sure if resources were that limited or what, but it's so bizarre to see this odd combination!

So many people complain about how overused the SMB3 graphics are, but honestly? I haven't seen them in quite a long time, and besides, this was made in an era when people were more likely to use SMW graphics or Ninja's Paper Mario sprites!
7 / 10
The music is MIDIs. Just MIDIs. I do love that rock remix of the SMW overworld theme; sometimes I'll stop and just listen to that cool guitar! Bonus points for having a Sunshine song in the game! Sound effects are pretty much your standard Mario sound effect rips. Surprising, huh?
2 / 10
This is supposed to be one level that would be part of a perhaps much bigger game, but in all of those 16 years following this demo's release, Mario's Big Adventure hasn't seen any progress, and I'd be utterly shocked if it did now. If there's anything truly unique that I haven't mentioned yet, it'd be that weird opening screen, which had a Batman-lookalike in a SMW ghost house. Well, time to go do something else, like maybe play another fangame!
Final Words
4 / 10
Mario's Big Adventure is big compared to rock-paper-scissors and adventurous compared to Desert Bus.

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