SMB3 NES Transformed Kings in 16-Bits By: SuperSledgeBro
The transformed kings from the NES version in SMAS style! I realized just recoloring the original sprites wouldn't make them fit in the All-Stars SMB3 style well enough, and since many sprites in SMB3 suffered heavier modifications than just recolors when ported to SMAS, I decided to follow that and so I freely made slight changes to their design where I thought would be appropriate!
Type Info
Format Sprite Sheets Sprites and animation frames saved in a static image medium.
Contents Edited Modification of existing sprites.

Update History
05/15/20  Reorganized sheet to have less empty space. Also made very minor changes to the sprites.
08/29/19  Fixed an issue with the dog sprite.
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Aug 29 2019, 8:33 PM
Looks good. I did like the previous ones a bit more.
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Aug 31 2019, 12:59 PM
Very nice, and I like that you took the time to change the designs a tiny bit. Love the dog.
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Sep 9 2019, 7:44 PM
Yeah, these are great! I can see these being in SMAS!
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