Mr. Pence's Last Penny
By: Misteryt1MFGG
WARNING: If you have not played the other games in the Mr. Pence series, especially Mr. Pence Travels The World, The New Dough Disco and NEW! Mr. Pence, you might not understand what's going on in this game.
Visit the Mr. Pence Zone for links to all the games in the series.

Mr. Pence is back and this time, he's not alone! In Mr. Pence's Last Penny there are 3 playable characters, Mr. Pence, Germino and a new character, Ravioli Pence. In this game, Mr. Pence goes up against the evil Pizza Luigi, who is selling Pizzas in Blackpool, but once Mr. Pence meets him, a familiar face shows up. Meanwhile, Germino has to search for the sacred Pence Coin pieces and Ravioli has to escape from the Tower of Mario Land.

Good luck, you'll need it.
Completion: Full Game Genre: Comedy
Franchise: Mario

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[O] Created: Jun 30 2019, 3:14 PM
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Jun 30 2019, 5:38 PM
This is definitely the most exciting video game release this week.
2 likes from: Vitiman, Morgario
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Jul 4 2019, 6:01 PM
2 likes from: Misteryt1MFGG, Roo
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Aug 28 2019, 12:49 AM
Lol this game dude. Out of respect I made this edit, feel free to use it or whatever.
1 like from: Misteryt1MFGG
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