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Game Reviewed Fly Swatter Pro, by Edweirdo
Review Author Q-Nova
Created Nov 26 2020, 5:38 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Mario Paint has a lot of different things to do, one of which is a fun mini-game where you swat flys. Edweirdo (AKA recreated that mini-game, with a few twists. For example, instead of bugs, you smack down enemies from the platformer Mario games, so the fly swatter is now more like an enemy swatter! It's advertised as an upgrade, but it's more like the opposite, and we're about to see why.
Pros +Variety of enemies
+Multiple songs to choose from
+Graphics aren't painful to look at
Cons -Only one level
-No boss fight
-High scores are pointless
-Annoying bug
4 / 10
It's very similar to the Mario Paint mini-game. You use your mouse as a hand, which uses a fly swatter to hit the annoying pests. Different enemies come every time you hit 20, and the invasion continues until you hit a total of 100. None of the enemies are difficult to deal with, except for the Toadies, the red flying, glasses-wearing baby thieves from Yoshi's Island. That's because they fire without warning!

Unfortunately, Fly Swatter Pro is far from being the pro version. In the original game, there are multiple levels that each have a boss in the end, and it goes on forever until you got no more helping hands. Here, it's only a single level and the boss was apparently exterminated. There's an annoying bug that gets the fly swatter stuck when it swats. It can be swatted by right-clicking, but it may eventually come back to bite again!

Because your score is based on how many enemies you swatted, the high scores will be all 100s if you complete the game several times, unless you exploit a funny loophole in the system. Try waiting for 10 minutes, then go swat like crazy! If there's only one level, then the score should instead be based on how much time it took.
7 / 10
Nice to see Mario Paint rips in this game! The enemies are from Super Mario World, Yoshi's Island, and Super Mario RPG, which isn't the best mix. It's not too much of an eyesore, though. Whenever the hand gets hit by an enemy, you might see it flying towards the screen, but sometimes that doesn't happen. The text is awkwardly structured in the title screen.
7 / 10
Unlike most minigames, Fly Swatter Pro has a few songs to pick from, so you don't have to listen to the same song every time you play! They all fit the hectic, buggy situation, except for the SMB3 theme. It just sounds too casual. Gnat Attack #2 and the Dr. Mario songs are good choices in particular!

The sound effects are just the same old rips used since the beginning. They aren't bad, but why not rip Mario Paint sounds? There is this jarring glitch where if you hit a pest, it may make a sound as if it attacked if it were still alive.
Final Words
5 / 10
While Fly Swatter Pro is more like Fly Swatter Lite, it can kill off a few boredom bugs if it's all you got.

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Dec 7 2020, 9:24 PM
Excellent review. The fact that it is short may be more to its benefit from the sound of it. A buggy clickteam game can and does overstay its welcome.
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