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Game Reviewed Psycho Waluigi, by Thunder Dragon
Review Author Roo
Created Feb 19 2022, 1:04 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
It took me a decade to play this, but I'm glad I finally did.
Pros + The gameplay is mostly rock-solid
+ The level design is wonderful
+ The (custom) graphics are great
+ The soundtrack is bangin'
+ It's a Waluigi game.
Cons - A little bit clunky sometimes
10 / 10
The gameplay idea is rock-solid. It does take a bit of getting used to, but once you do, it's almost stunning how brilliant it is. PW very much feels like a game Nintendo itself could've made around the DS era (see: Super Princess Peach).

The level design is also great. Most levels bring something new to the table, the replayability offered by the crown system is fantastic, and the extra world is also a very neat idea (even if a bit less interesting than the main game).

The story is fantastic as well. It's not exactly the most creative thing ever, but it does what it does really well (and I have to give special props for the name 'Hazelnauts'. Brilliant).
10 / 10
Most of the levels look very nice and unique, and the original enemies and characters are also really rad. Some of Waluigi's sprites look a bit weird, but other than that, it's a very lovely-looking game.
10 / 10
The soundtrack is real good. A lot of it does repeat throughout the game, but in a way, that just makes it feel more official.

The sounds are also good, though perhaps a bit too loud sometimes.
Final Words
10 / 10
An all-time classic. Quite possibly the most "official-feeling" fangame ever made.

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