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Game Reviewed Mario's slightly Unusual Boss Rush (v2.0 Release), by OssieTheOstrich
Review Author ShadowReduce
Created Nov 30 2023, 9:35 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
The game itself is similar in concept to games from the Megaman series, but as for me, the level with minions is crude, and besides abysses and explosive enemies on the boss, there is nothing else like that, the physics in the game is very complex, half of the deaths occurred precisely because of it , sometimes it infuriated me, I even caught bugs in the game, for example, one of them I fell through the platforms when I was collecting star coin in the ghost house, also when I passed the boss who spawned boxes and I often caught a bug when I was simply pushed by something all over the map in different trajectories so that in the end I flew out of the room with the boss and I had to go to the menu. the jump itself in the game is too sharp downwards, you don’t have time to react before you, for example, fell into the abyss. The jumps themselves in the maximum run do not work as accurately as in the classic version of smb3; in general, the physics in the game is quite a big problem. Powerup carrot doesn't work the way it does in most games; a character's sudden fall makes itself felt.
Pros -Pretty nice graphics in the game
-Nicely implemented interactive part of the levels (for example, springs, guns that fit on the head)
Cons -Game physics. I wrote above about the problems and its complexity; in boss battles it sometimes fails.
-Game bugs. there are a significant number of bugs that interfere with the game, I also wrote about them above, I also forgot to add that I noticed that the boxes you throw fall through (once one of the boxes got stuck in the textures)
5 / 10
I wrote about the gameplay above, I won’t repeat the details again.
7 / 10
I liked the graphics, they look good, especially the game character himself, the tileset is also nice, but in some levels it is a bit damp.
7 / 10
Extremely good musical accompaniment in general, the sounds themselves are quite pleasant, but they don’t really stand out, there’s nothing more to add
Final Words
5 / 10
The game itself is interesting in concept, but all the problems voiced in the game seriously interfere with playing comfortably. the game needs to be improved, then it will turn out to be an excellent sequel, but unfortunately I can’t rate it higher than 5.

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