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Game Reviewed Mario's Burgers, by FabianLC
Review Author Mariotroid
Created Nov 7 2023, 7:03 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Overall a fun play that is quirky and fresh. Just like the burgers you will make! Game is worth a try.
This game features some good gameplay that is enjoyable and there is a lot here that is compiled into one quirky package of a minigame. Making your burger feels fresh and collecting each ingredient in a pile is enjoyable. I would recommend a play if you are bored.
Pros + Quirky gameplay
+ Fun gameplay reminds me of game n watch
+ Interesting stacking mechanic
+ Gameplay will be forgiving at times
Cons - No instructions
- Some sounds are flat
- Visuals need work
8 / 10
This game has some fun gameplay, but could always use work. The items stack one on top of the other, and that is a lot of fun to see your burger come to creation. However, it takes some time to learn the gameplay, as there are no instructions. This simple fix could help the game. Also, the game could use a highscore. Without one the game feels more flat.
The gameplay is overall joyous and a lot of fun. The play reminds me of a revamped game and watch I had years ago. Also, gameplay will be forgiving at times so at least the game is easy like a lot of minigames should be. Overall good gameplay.
7 / 10
The graphics are meant to be simple, that much I understand. However, the graphics could use work in that the quality is a bit lacking, particularly during gameplay. The customers look a bit off structurally and so does Luigi and Mario. However, this design choice does lend some quirkiness to the graphics, and that is appreciated. The game could use a graphical rehaul as the game's graphics could be more structured or lend more inspiration from official Mario graphics.
The animations could use some tweaking but are overall good. I enjoy the wrapper being placed on the burgers I have made and that graphical addition gave me a chuckle. Also, the graphics don't clash at all. Overall the graphics definitely don't harm the eyes and are overall pretty. Overall decent graphics.
7 / 10
"Mario I got it!" At the start of every level is definitely a humorous and fun sound byte I truly enjoyed. Later, when the game starts the music starts off with a bang. This rumble tumble is joyous and fun. I had fun looking forward to the epic music during the gameplay. However, the game could use a soundtrack for when the customers appear or at least a sound for that, as this part feels empty. The music playing at the main menu is enjoyable and a lot of fun. I love that the music in this game just has an epic feel. I will continue to play the game. The sound bytes for Luigi are enjoyable, and for the customers as well. Some other empty sounds I noticed are: Mario's walking animation. The different ingredients all having the same sound is a bit of a let down as well. However, there is so much to love here as regards to the music that overall I enjoy the music and sound. Good sound.
Final Words
7 / 10
Overall a fun play that is quirky and fresh. Just like the burgers you will make! Game is worth a try.

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