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Game Reviewed Super Mario Bros. S v0.2.1 - New Roads, by superpi2
Review Author Diamond-Lock Productions
Created Oct 19 2023, 5:01 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
I haven't played the earlier builds of this, so I won't really be able to make comparisons on prior builds and will mostly be basing it on just what I've seen here. So far I like both main game and road to infinity, however there are a few small things that could use a bit of tweaking still.
Pros -The new sprites in both the SMB1 and All-stars styles (and the SMB3 beta style in Road to infinity) seem to fit pretty well into the game their respective styles for the most part
-Road to infinity is really fun and has at least 1 new power-up exclusive to that mode
-Shuriken Mario/Ninja star Mario is a pretty cool new ability (although I personally would change the design of the power-up from a red star to differentiate from the actual Mario red star power-up)
-The level design is very well made, albeit still standard for the usual 2D Mario level but they're fine
Cons -The momentum needs to be tweaked more. For example when you let go of the button your using to move whilst in mid-air Mario (or whoever your playing as) stop completely moving
-A glitch that I found was that sometimes when I entered the hidden area pipe in world 1 , the graphics glitched and I couldn't see anything aside from the background (also, I think this may be connected to it, certain times I could for reason see the secret area's map right near the edge of the main world 1 map)
-Another glitch that I found was when I touched the music note in world 1-a and exited the level whilst it was still active, the music from the music notes were still playing on the world map and even the title screen
9 / 10
Aside from the cons I mentioned, the gameplay is quite good. Both the main game and the Road to infinity mode are both quite solid. Not much else to mention since I've already said most of what I needed to for the gameplay.
8 / 10
The sprites for the most part pretty good, although there are a few I would recommend fixing up. make the body of the Allstars Goombrat less brightly coloured, Give the SMB3 Galoombas mouths, the bridges on the world maps don't have a proper design for the Allstars style and try tweaking SMB1 Yoshi's sprite a some more since (maybe it's just me, but) it doesn't entirely feel SMB1-esque. Another thing is the I don't like how the world 1 elemental temple has a sand/desert-esque aesthetic, I think you should change the world 1 temple a more grey stone type look to it.
9 / 10
I don't really have anything bad I can say about the sound design for the most part. The songs made into the Allstars style sound pretty good, and the I like the original music. The only sound design that I would recommend being changed is the sounds for Yoshi hatching in the SMB1-style along with the SMB1-style sound effect for his tongue grab.
Final Words
8 / 10
Just needs a few more tweaks but it's certainly shaping up to be a great fangame.

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