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Game Reviewed Goo, by VinnyVideo
Review Author Roo
Created Nov 12 2022, 2:08 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Goo? More like... Not a Very Goo-d Game. Ha, got 'em.
Pros + Vinny isn't pro-pollution. That's something, I guess.
Cons - It's very boring
- The graphics are bad
2 / 10
The gameplay essentially consists of just pressing buttons. There doesn't seem to be much in the way of strategy or anything of the sort. Incredibly boring, basically.

One fun bug I found is that if you have a Cheep-Cheep run into enough bombs in a row, it becomes so big that it makes the entire screen red for like 20 seconds.
3 / 10
They're bad, but not even in a fun way. Just... bad.
5 / 10
The music is mediocre and the sound effects are mildly annoying.
Final Words
2 / 10
Not recommended unless you like pollution, and even then, the anti-pollution message at the beginning is likely to drive you away.

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Dec 30 2022, 4:52 PM
Ha, I can't disagree with you here. Back in 2010, I was trying to move away from making games based on premade engines and spend more time experimenting with more original concepts. Every game is a learning experience, especially when you're still relatively new to making games, but unfortunately, this experiment did not produce stellar gameplay. This is one of the few old Vinny games that I've never updated - it has no game-breaking bugs, and I also have no idea how to make it more interesting!

And yes, I heartily support keeping our oceans and rivers and lakes and all that good stuff clean. Gooper Blooper is a very bad role model.
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