All Brothers MUST DIE!
By: Ralorche
The president of Gringle Industries has sent his Pac-Men army to kill all of the Mario brothers. It is up to Darren, the man who thinks he's a Seagull, to defeat the president of Gringle Industries and unintentionally save the Brother species from extinction, all while regaining his lost consciousness.

All Brothers MUST DIE was started because I was beginning to lose motivation to continue working on Essence Of Waluigi II. It was meant to be less ambitious and less serious.
At first, it was going to be a collection of mini games starring Luigi, some of which were platformers. By the time I started working on the game Luigi was replaced with a new brother, who was called "Darren". Not long after, I scrapped the mini game collection and turned the game into a Shoot 'em up, as I thought it would've been too similar to EOW2.
Completion: Scrapped Genre: Shoot 'em Up
Franchise: CROSSOVER

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