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Game Reviewed Super Mario Storm I, by Zorak the Great
Review Author Lueio mario
Created Sep 10 2020, 8:05 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
i played this game back in 2009 because i was board out of my mind of what to play since other games like sonic 2, paper mario, and others make me just gave up playing it due to it feeling boring to me. and somehow i saw this game, i was lucky.
Pros entertaining

inspire me to make a minigame collection someday


quality midi horn

really fun
Cons controls

some minigames that kind of fails for my taste

some more
9 / 10
while mario moves like he had himself some coffee and getting stuck, its basic and somewhat fun. if you could beat the final boss that would be great. but eh I "beaten" the game 6 times so I'm not complaining .
5 / 10
the graphics are kind of cool but not really great, they lack a lot and are not appealing to look at, but hey if you could not find a mario sheet or anything then that is a excuse to make due to it being kind of7 hard finding some sprites due to people not ripping it or you can't rip them yourself due to it being kind of hard.
4 / 10
not much sounds, but there's some I guess. the sounds are not from Nintendo game, they are recorded by himself I think because it sounds like it. also the voice acting on the guess who voice it is minigame is funny so I'm giving it a extra point.
Final Words
8 / 10
super mario storm is one of the greatest old games with mario epic 2, its really fun and you won't get board of it.

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