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Game Reviewed Crazee Dazee Shoot-Out Stand, by Jasonorme666
Review Author Q-Nova
Created Dec 22 2019, 10:37 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Duck Hunt-style games are something that seem to pop up in the Mario fangaming scene somewhat often, especially back then, and I think I know why. After all, it doesn't take much experience to make your mouse pointer into a crosshair that lets you shoot at stuff just by clicking on them, even in The Games Factory. Speaking of TGF, that program even came with an example that so happens to be a Duck Hunt-style shooter! Hm, could that have played a part in why these games are made so often?

Today, we'll be looking at Crazee "Dazee" Shoot-Out Stand (sic), which seems to be one of the earliest fangames of that kind, by Jasonorme666. I've played this several times already, but that's really because I've wanted to review this for so long, which is kinda ironic considering the length of this game.
Pros +It doesn't feel like torture
+Yoshi's Island has great graphics and music!
Cons -Feels rushed
-You can shoot through the bushes!
-Ends way too quickly
-Just not really much to this game in general
3 / 10
Ever wonder how much could happen in a minute? Well, how about a run through Yoshi's Island, where you use your trusty mouse to shoot as many of the running Crazee Dayzees (all of whom are going left) as possible just for cruelness' sake, and then you soon stop to watch Yoshi (whom you cannot shoot... but why would you?) jump through a Middle Ring as a natural instinct? Believe it or not, this very game literally spends less than a minute to do all that! Yes, ALL THAT!

Really, the biggest downfall of this game is how it feels like Jasonorme666 just quickly smacked it together, submitted it, and then never touched it since then. Sure, some Crazee Dayzees do try to hide behind bushes... but it means nothing when your shots go right through such objects! Maybe the author was just an edgy teen who wanted satisfaction from killing cutesy-looking stuff in the cheapest way possible, especially given the infamous number in his username, but it would've also satisfied us not-so-edgy Mario fans if there was more to this game! Like, what if there were Crazee Dayzees that moved in different patterns, or perhaps from different sides of the screen like the left? What if there were more Yoshis and you can shoot them, at the cost of your score? Powerups and longer levels would be welcome as well! Seriously, the amount of ideas you can use for a game like this is simply unlimited!
6 / 10
Yoshi's Island has some of the most beautiful graphics I've ever seen, and I like it when they get used, like in this game! Granted, they could've been used more efficiently -- there's just so many cutoffs and the sprite resolution isn't very consistent. There's also some out of place, non-Yoshi's Island sprites thrown in, such as the crosshair from the example game I mentioned earlier! Oh, is this the same hunter from that game!? Is it? I've got to hand it to the creator, though -- that title screen looks cool!
7 / 10
To me, the best part of this game is the one and only MIDI used, which is the athletic song from Yoshi's Island. I sometimes pause the game just to listen to the rest of it, which goes unheard otherwise due to the shorter-than-short length of the game! I do feel like the MIDI could use more work, though. Only three sound effects are used, the most interesting choice being the cape feather sound used for a shot Crazee Dayzee. My only other suggestion is to add music to the title and high-score screens.
Final Words
3 / 10
By avoiding this game, you'll not only save the Crazee Dayzees, but also your free time for something more worthwhile!

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