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Game Reviewed Mario Boomerang Fun Minigame, by Nacitendo Platinum
Review Author Roo
Created Mar 2 2022, 2:32 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
If there ever was a competition for 'most descriptive video game name,' this one would almost definitely not make it to the finals due to that third word.
Pros + Slightly neat idea, I guess
Cons - Boring gameplay
- Poor audio quality
- Most of the screen is nothing
3 / 10
There isn't much to it. You walk forward endlessly (I think), throwing boomerangs at enemies and collecting coins. The difficulty doesn't seem to increase, so if you had the patience of a saint, you could probably easily keep racking up points forever. However, you most likely wouldn't want to, as there's really nothing about the game that hooks you in. It's just... incredibly bland.

Also, I hate to be that guy, but literally the only thing boomerangs are known for is that they come back to you after you throw them, yet that doesn't happen in this game. Come on.
5 / 10
The in-game graphics aren't exactly bad, but they're pretty boring, and like 75% of the screen is basically empty. The HUD and menu graphics are definitely pretty naff.
4 / 10
For some reason, pretty much every single sound file in the game is of incredibly low quality. Fangames made in the 90's had better sound quality than this game. The sound choices themselves aren't terrible, though.
Final Words
4 / 10
A slightly neat idea doesn't get you very far if it's really boring.

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