Super Mario Star Scramble: Re-Birth (December 2021 Demo)
By: Super Piter
Super Mario Star Scramble: Re-Birth is the spiritual revival to the Flash Fan-Game Trilogy with the same name, which involved a more "Collect-a-Ton" approach to 2D Mario Platformers. Re-Birth's goal is to make a 30 minute-ish experience out of the concept, using Construct 2, a retired, but handy, powerhouse for making 2D games of any kind.


Arrow Keys: Move
X: Jump
C: Walljump

To execute a Walljump, you must be directly facing a wall, and hit C as you are mid-air. Walljumps can be used to extend the full height of your jumps. Note: You CAN'T switch the direction Mario is facing when he is airborne!


Nathan Silver: Making the Logo, suggesting a overhaul on how you walljump.
LuigiBonus: Giving assitence on how to make a "block bump" script.
QuadFactor: Mario Sprites
VannyArts: Goomba Sprites
FieryExplosion: HUD Sprites
Toby Fox: ...Well, you will find out why he is here soon enough.
Completion: Demo Genre: Platform
Franchise: Mario

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Roo It's not exactly very long, but it's still worth trying. 8 / 10
Average Score 8 / 10

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Mar 14 2022, 8:58 AM
Pretty good remake!
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