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Game Reviewed Eddie's World, by Spade_Magnes
Review Author Sosuko
Created Apr 26 2021, 6:07 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
With the title and presentation, I was fully expecting Eddie's World to just be a standard Megaman-style adventure, and while some of the controls and enemies are very Megaman-like, it differentiates itself in several ways that combine to make it a completely different and awesome experience. Seriously, I was blown away with how unique and fun this game was to play through and 100%.

Drawing inspiration from other platformers like Mr. Gimmick, the game utilizes physics and throwable objects that give you interesting puzzles starting at stage 1. There are no real tutorials, so it will take a little experimentation to figure out how to first get started, but it's nice to not have the game hold your hand too much. These types of puzzles start with just the typical jumping on throwable objects to reach ledges or holding down switches, but eventually they feature bouncing, rolling, stacking, and all sorts of other properties that can make it fairly challenging.

Eddie himself can shoot bombs that either roll on the ground or arc up depending on the direction you hold, meaning your "jump-and-shoot" gameplay from Megaman is altered quite a bit. Soon after you clear stage 1, you'll start being introduced to new powerups that completely change all of your attacks/abilities, much like how a powerup in Kirby works. The "base" form included, there are 2 other main ones you'll be using, ice and wind. Ice allows you to do things like fire bouncing shots, freeze enemies to jump on and reflect projectiles, while Wind comes with the ability to slash enemies, stall in midair with a tornado kick and dash through projectiles. Each is fun to use and are incorporated well into the levels and puzzles involved.

Though enemies are your pretty standard Megaman-like affair, the bosses of each stage offer a great deal of variety, style and substance. Even for the bosses straight from other Megaman titles like Snake Man and Star Man, they use completely different attacks from their NES counterparts and have enough attacks to keep the fight interesting and dynamic throughout. Unlike in other Megaman games, you also have infinite lives, giving you plenty of time to learn patterns without having to start the stage over again. Falling down a pit also doesn't instantly kill you, so the game is extremely forgiving and rarely forces you to do any replaying of stages/sections. If anything, it might've been nice to have a "hard mode" that did incorporate some more lives/instant death for those who want a more classic challenge

The game involves progressing through several stages in order until you reach a "town hub" of sorts, at which point things become less linear. The town has several puzzles in it that reward you with tokens for clearing them, which you need to unlock further levels (which reward tokens for clearing) and sections of the town. This does slow things down a little bit, but the puzzles are very enjoyable and while running around town, you'll also encounter tons of NPCs (mostly Robot Masters) who have well-written dialogue. Finally, after collecting enough tokens, you'll unlock the final areas, including a "tower of trials" level and a final boss level. Both are great final challenges that have some awesome content to experience.

Spade_Magnes did a terrific job with this game and I hope to see more from him in the future!
Pros -Great Engine; Perfectly emulates Megaman-esque controls, physics, etc...
-Strong Level Design, Environments, Enemies
-Creative and Challenging Puzzles
-Unique and Fun Powerups/Abilities to Use
-Complex and Challenging Boss Fights
-Enjoyable Dialogue and Characters
-Great Music Selection
Cons -Low Replay Value
-No Real Reward for 100%
10 / 10
Easily the best part of Eddie's World is how varied and entertaining the gameplay is. The tight controls and feel are exactly like the Megaman games, and being able to use several different attacks per ability you acquire gives you tons of variety in taking out enemies and puzzle solving. Every puzzle in the game is well-crafted and involve a good deal of creativity, reflex, and skill to figure out. Aside from the puzzles, levels are well-designed and contain plenty of interesting gimmicks and memorable sections. Bosses are fleshed out, dynamic, and occasionally pretty challenging several including clever nods to other games in their design. With infinite lives throughout, the game is extremely forgiving and provides you plenty of time to figure out boss patterns or difficult sections of a level. If you aren't super into puzzles, the gameplay may get a little slow for you around the midway point of the game, but once you get to the final levels, things kick back into high gear all the way to the final boss fight.
9 / 10
A majority of the graphics come straight out of Megaman and are utilized perfectly. There are a few other games that graphics are taken from, however despite mixing games, the graphics all fit together very well. A few of the graphics are modified Megaman sprites, all of which look entirely natural, while some are entirely new. These new ones are OK, though admittedly their style does not fit perfectly for the other characters. The levels are colorful and alive, the weapons and effects all look fantastic, and nothing every broke immersion by feeling out of place.
10 / 10
Again, a majority of the sound comes straight from Megaman and other NES-games. They all fit the attacks and enemies, have well-balanced volumes, and never clash with SFX from different games. The music also comes straight from Megaman and a few other games, all of which fit the levels and graphics perfectly.
Final Words
10 / 10
An expertly crafted mix of Megaman, Kirby, Mr. Gimmick, and more make Eddie's World a unique and satisfying experience you won't soon forget!

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