Review Information
Game Reviewed Super Mario 64 Plus, by Mors
Review Author MrHoot2000
Created Apr 22 2021, 5:52 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
What can I say? This mod is probably the greatest thing I have ever played on this website. The few problems there are happen to be either understandable or minuscule.
Pros A classic game remade for the modern age
EVERYTHING is customizable
Quality of life updates
Things unavailable in the original game
Cons Tough to install if you are an idiot like me
swimming is still terrible, just less so
Keyboard controls make it tough to throw bowser
9 / 10
Very smooth, but still a bit slippery
10 / 10
The classic SM64 style. No change needed
10 / 10
Same as you remember
Final Words
10 / 10
From top to bottom, this is the best way to play Mario 64. Nintendo, take notes.

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