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Game Reviewed Super Mario 64 Plus, by Mors
Review Author MiquelVZLA
Created Apr 22 2021, 3:01 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
I downloaded it and beaten it with 120 stars, its one of the best fan games or well, ports i've tried, anyone can play it, and feel good, it has a large ammount of settings in which you can modify how to play your game, it has support for larger resolutions and 16:9, its better than emulator, good for anyone that doesn't want to download emulators but wants to play SM64.
Pros Large Ammount of Settings.
60fps 16:9 1920p (You can set custom resolutions, so every one of them works).
It fixes bugs.
Custom settings for people that like glitches (On and Off BLJ option, new movement or old one).
Doesn't have texture problems except for one.
Compared to emulator you can skip boring text boxes, intros, doesn't leave a stage when you collect a star.
Cons Only con its that I tried to see if I could mod the game even more and I wasnt able to make it, I don't know if there's a way to mod it, still its a new game. You can put texture packs still.
Also building the game takes a while.
10 / 10
There's nothing to say, you can make your own gameplay as you like, beta movement, new games movement, you can allow that after collecting a star you don't leave the stage.
Lakitu its now better than the original game.
9 / 10
Its just like the original, biggest addition its that when the camera is far away Mario he doesn't look pixelated. The good thing its that you can add texture packs to the port so still you can make it look good!
7 / 10
Nothing to say, same as the original game, with a custom audio slider, still it requires US ROM so all the missing voice lines or sound effects in JP version aren't there. Just good.
Final Words
9 / 10
Its very recommendable for anyone that wants to play SM64, it was good features and settings, you can play vanilla, modern, it has a better lakitu.
I loved it.

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