Pico-8 Super Mario Bros 2 By: Evan.F [E] [W]
Super Mario Bros 2 if it was made in Pico-8. I do not believe anyone will use them for anything, but it was fun. I started these on Sunday as a sequel to my SMB1 pico sprites. This sheet fits into the 128x128 tileset by removing the dark palettes, no mouser pallets, no clawgrip and only one playable character (though I did make sprites for toad and a pallet for luigi. I decieded to remove them to fit with the restraints. I might resurect toad, but the sprites are lost. There are also many boss frames removed among others.

The sheet also comes with several examples I made copying from clips and screenshots online.

Give credit if used. If anyone wants another, it is either Super Mario Land, or something from another franchise I like, maybe Mega Man 1, Wonderboy 3, Sonic 1 or (to a lesser extent) Bubble Bobble.
Type Info
Format Tilesets Backgrounds broken into a set of tiles.
Contents Original Sprites that are made completely from scratch.

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Mar 2 2020, 12:39 AM
Looks pretty cool, I've actually just started playing pico8 myself
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Mar 3 2020, 6:00 AM
Actually I've already done some Bubble Bobble Pico-8 stuff
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