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Game Reviewed Bald Luigi's Crustmust Deluxe, by Ralorche
Review Author AveCoo
Created May 8 2022, 11:22 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
You better watch out cause he’s gonna find out about everything in the review below.
Pros - Sticky keys didn’t actually activate
- Entertaining dialogue
- Fun movement
- Open ended level design is great with the movement
- Heaps of extras that are really decent
- Bald Luigi is referred to as “Bald” in the dialogue and that’s just brilliant
Cons - You made me think sticky keys activated
- You get stuck in walls and are forced to wall jump
- Spin jump actually existing is really unclear at first
- I somehow took off to outer space in level 1 by wall jumping on the edge of the screen and broke the game. Do I win anything?
7 / 10
It’s kind of an open level platformer, which to be completely honest is pretty dope. The movement system is perfectly suited for the levels with the generally flow feeling really cobbled together. I can rarely tell how many jumps I have left or when I can wall jump, but I wouldn’t change a thing about that. There’s some minor things like not being able to wall jump off of bricks, getting stuck wall jumping and being forced to wall jump off the floor, but it all seems in character for the style of game. Of course I can wall jump off the edge of the room, why wouldn’t I? It’s delightfully ridiculous and feeds into the game’s best qualities.

The boss battles don’t linger too long and take 3 or under attempts. They’re all very predictable which works so well for not getting stuck or frustrated.

Everything is very fast and action heavy which is great, but the cutscenes screech that to a halt. You have to wait for dialogue and “drama” to unveil (hint: static sprites =/= dramatic no matter how good the dialogue is) which bogs the pace right down. I reckon this could be an excellent speed game without this hindrance, but maybe that’s the extra game mode I didn’t unlock cause I missed some of the coloured keys. All I could do was press the ?????? mark over and over to get a void of screams. Well worth it.
6 / 10
The real feast for the graphics is how well paced the joke intermission screens are. The game doesn’t rely on randomness all the time, but actually spreads it thinly enough that it's appealing and funny when it happens. Sprites and graphics are wildly varying and work in contrast to the rote look of the rest of the game when in gameplay or a cutscene.

The edits for the Luigi variations, whether that’s changing Luigi or adding Luigi elements to other characters, are all good for a laugh at first but become routine very quickly. Their appeal doesn’t last longer than a few seconds, which really affects the cutscenes. These scenes are more static and stiff than dialogue moments in the first Final Fantasy. The writing is solid, but the lack of visual flair really shoots itself in the foot as they are abundant.

Also, I kinda wanna buy Mario Kart for GBA for some reason, idk why that is.
5 / 10
Voice clips are really in at the moment, aren’t they? The lack of variation in them makes them grating unfortunately. The music lifts more heavily however, as they are so reminiscent of old-school fangames with an eclectic mix of bad MIDI files and a unique set of grimey drum heavy music. In fact, I think in chapter 2 the MIDI file has its percussion track set to piano so it becomes a rumbly mess which appeals to me something hardcore (good memorie yo).

Also, the voice acting made me not wanna buy Mario Kart for GBA for some reason, idk why that is.
Final Words
7 / 10
This game is the definition of getting more than the sum of your parts. There’s so much jank, but there’s so much of it that just works. Crustmust Deluxe is crustMUST play if you enjoy joke games. It’s tightly made and never lingers (besides cutscenes *cough*), making it a strong departure from the typical MFGG joke game.

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