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Game Reviewed Mini Mario Game 3: Adventure Mayhem!, by NickzieMFGG
Review Author AveCoo
Created May 8 2022, 9:03 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
I will presume Roo is correct saying they presume Mini Mario Games 1 and 2 were banned by the government.
Pros - Very cute
- Swapping idea with limited platforms is a good mechanic.
- Teaches each mechanic one at a time, just like a well paced Nintendo game.
- Two of the puzzles required a bit of an “AHA!” moment, and they were well placed in terms of level order.
- Cute loading screen
Cons - Some of the levels feel redundant as they reteach things you already know.
- Graphics are a bit poor.
- The musical stingers play over the music tracks and hold too long.
- I sometimes ended up forgetting which levels I had completed and which I had yet to do.
5 / 10
It was fun to try out this game, but the demo stops before it gets good. In its current state it feels like a tutorial that goes on a touch too long. Each level introduces a new mechanic, whether its platform swapping, spikes or a spring, but doubles up on some of these lessons. For example, 1-2 and 2-1 require no input beyond starting the ADORABLE toy Mario up at the beginning. That’s great for 1-1, but reteaching beyond that level starts to feel unnecessary and uninspired.

I’m looking forward to the other mechanics coming up in future releases however, it’s a very solid foundation.
2 / 10
Feels rushed and slapped together. The self-made aesthetic would hit a lot harder if it was the case for all the graphics, and the ripped sprites would fit better with graphics that were all ripped. Right now it’s a bit of a mish mash and feels incomplete.
5 / 10
Music is all good and the sound effects are cute. The transition stinger plays over the completion music and clashes tonally which is unfortunate. Try and keep the sound effects less musical or get rid of the sound effect altogether to polish it up a bit.
Final Words
4 / 10
A cute tutorial for a cute demo. I’ll be waiting for the next release.

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